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Presented by Michelle Watson CWR
& approved by the IWRC for 10 CEU’s

DAY 1: (6 hours)

9 am registration, 9:30 start. 3:30 pm finish

The First Responders First Aid and Stabilization day is suitable for complete beginners and will cover mitigation, catching, handling, and examining the wildlife, as well as emergency first aid and stabilization of wildlife patients, for transportation to a wildlife centre. 

DAY 2: (6 hours)

9:30 start, 3:30 pm finish

The Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation day is for people who have completed the First Responders day and will go into more detail including Rehabilitation procedures, Fluid Therapy, Wound management, Nutrition, Zoonotic Diseases, and Release criteria.


Both days will have practical components where you will get to exam cadavers and study the anatomy. Gloves and sanitizer, as well as all equipment will be supplied on the day.  


The cost includes morning tea, coffee, a light lunch, a goody bag with equipment to use on both days, as well a training manual, exam, and certificate. Rates depend on the location. Please call for details.

INTRODUCTION DAY:” I have saved a baby bird, now what? “

Presented by Michelle Watson CWR

The one-day basic introductory course is suitable for anyone who has ever picked up a baby bird or rescued an animal from the jaws of a cat, and wondered “What now? This course covers every aspect of rescue from handling wildlife to mitigations, transport and the care of wildlife until it can be admitted to a permitted Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Introduction to Wildlife Rescue: Suitable for beginners (4 hours) Special rates for large group bookings.


Presented by Michelle Watson CWR

Our advanced courses cover various aspects of Wildlife Rehabilitation and are aimed at experienced rehabilitators wanting to acquire their certification through the IWRC. This course would also be suitable for students who have already completed the 2-day First Responders First Aid and Basic Stabilization workshop and would like to focus on one or two aspects of rehabilitation. Please call for rates.

Advanced Wound Management and Bandaging: (6 hours)

Fluid Therapy for Rehabbers (5 hours)

Emaciation and Wildlife Nutrition: (6 hours)

Bat Handling course: Seasonal course with limited numbers (5 hours)

Raising Orphaned Wildlife: Participation by invitation only (6 hours)

How to book your spot on the next training courses at WILDLIFE RESCUE, SOUTH AFRICA


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[email protected]

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IWRC Certificate: Exam Preparation Course ( 2023)

For senior wildlife rehabilitators who wish to attain their International Certificate through the IWRC, we are offering a totally comprehensive, all inclusive, training get-away to a permitted rehabilitation center, which will combine class-room time with actual practical experience. The course will run over several weeks. At the end of this training you will be able to sit the IWRC Certificate exam. This course will run only once a year and will need to be booked 6 months in advance. Please contact me directly for details. 


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